From the year of 1978, we are continuing our production that meets the demands of industry firms, which has become a sub-industry to many large industry organizations and with contract and serial production did a succesful partnership in our country.

Our company which follows the newly developed technologies got its first cnc counter in the year of 1989 and became one of the leaders in this sector. From the year of 2002 it had the ISO quality certificate and continues to do so.

Our Activities

3 rollers

Rolling Mills

From Ø1050mm and length 900mm that require precision on cnc lathes, rolls, pulleys, roll formed pattern, ring turning and correction procedures are being done.

burç pim imalatı

Pin Bushing

Requested material type inclassifying and centering pin bushesthat are used at moulding companies are produced with technical drawing measurements and sensitive tolerances.

hidrolik ayna imalat

Hydraulic Chuck Production

All types of standard or specialhydrolic chuckHydraulic chucks and spare parts are manufactured in our company

döküm talaşlı işleme

Casting Finishing

All kind of casting materials from metal cutting, turning, milling etc, are produced in compliance with delivery dates and specifications, without any compromises on quality

Cnc Hidrolik Ayna İmalatı

Cnc hidrolik ayna ve yedek parçaları DOGAMAK markasıyla piyasada

40 yıllık üretim tecrübesini artık kendi markasıyla sanayi sektörüne sağlam adımlarla giriş yapan firmamız DOGAMAK markı adı altında ve Doğruyol Makina pazarlama şirketi vasıtasıyla hidrolik ayna ve ekipmanları imalatına başlamıştır.

6 inch - 15 inch arasında kalan, 2 ayak, 3 ayak, 4 ayak cnc hidrolik aynaları en iyi malzeme ve işçilikle, kaliteden ödün vermeden üretip Türk sanayisi ve Yurtdışına da dahil olmak üzere birçok ülkede piyasaya sunmaya başlamıştır.


Our company serves as a subsidiary industry for our country’s industry in İstanbul-Kurtköy in the sector of metal cutting. Main activity topics are to meet the requests of companies who are in casting, automotive and energy sectors, processing rolling mill rings, pin bushing production and allocating roller rings (pulley, disk), casting finishing, producing and processing.

As metal cutting subsidiary industry, some of the sectors and industries that we partner up for solutions

  • Casting sector
  • Energy Sector
  • Automative Sector
  • Iron-Steel Sector
  • Mechanical Sector
  • Manufacturing Sector
  • Metal Profile Industry
  • Elevator Industry
  • Defense Industry
  • Railroad industry
ring roller

Doğa Makina from 1978

Short Information

We have been serving Turkish industry sector ever since the year of 1978 in metal cutting sector. By using daily processing technologies, turning and milling metal cutting work, in accordance with the requested technical drawing, does contract and serial production.


On vertical turning machines, from Ø1050mm and length 900mm, rough and finishing turning applications are done with high sensitivity.


Milling process with X 1000mm, Y 500mm, Z 500mm measurements can also be done with internal or external wedges with requested measurements.

Metal Cutting Contract Manufacturing

hadde ringleri

pim burç imalat
döküm işleme

profile roller

Metal, iron, steel, aluminum, copper, zinc, brass, stainless steel, bronze, Teflon material easily calculate the weights and lengths. Click for practical weight calculation