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Our company does all machining manufacturing parts within the standards of technical drawings. Our company does the conditions that are on the technical drawing and the specifications as they are and does not do engravings similar to equivalent products. Engraving of the requested part is done by two methods, with material or not.

  • ⦁ Production with Material (Manufacturing) : Our company provides the material needed for the manufacturing of the requested part. After engraving and doing quality control in accordance with the technical drawing measurements, our company ships the buying company the product with final reports.
  • ⦁ Production without Material (Engraving) : Buying company provides the material themselves and sends it to our company. This could be casting or any type of material. Materials that arrive to our company are first controlled in terms of their measurements. When they are approved, our company prepares a manufacturing plan/program and starts working on specimens. Part with taken specimens are delivered to the buying company. With the approval of the buying company, manufacturing begins, and after doing its quality control it is delivered to the buying company with its final measurement reports.

CNC production and manufacturing

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