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Processing of Istanbul metro wagon wheels have been started.

Published July 31, 2015

İstanbul metrosu yerlileştirme

Our company provides extremely sensitive measured processing with our vertical turning machines in terms of turning for half-processed large diameter wheels that enables monobloc wheels to be affixed on wheel axle and lives and takes pride in doing a work that gives value to our country

Processing of the wheels for trains that are on Istanbul metro lines is currently being done by our company. On the first step, metro wheels for Hacıosman-Yenikapı line will be processed and then the other lines will start.

metro tekeri

Metro wheels that are really sensitive parts are processed in turning counters with extreme sensitivity, 2 percent of a millimeter and is given to the service of Istanbul.

hassas teker tornalama

Within the scope of metro naturalization, our company has shown that machine manufacturing process for metro wheel turning can also be done in our country.

istanbul metro talaşlı imalat

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