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Details from the interview that the Makina Store magazine did with Doğa Makina

Published May 01, 2014

Doğa Röportaj

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Our company provides extremely sensitive measured processing with our vertical turning machines in terms of turning for half-processed large diameter wheels that enables monobloc wheels to be affixed on wheel axle and lives and takes pride in doing a work that gives value to our country

-Can you tell us about yourself and your company before we start our questions?

My name is Gökhan Doğruyol, i am a graduate of Abant İzzet Baysal University Department of Business and Bahçeşehir University Information Technologies. Our founder Hikmet Doğruyol put our company in operation in the year of 1978. Our company was first founded under the name Doğa Kesici Takımlar Koll.Şti. Later on, it continued its operations under the name Doğa Makina San.Tic.Ltd.Şti. Its purpose of foundation is special cutting team manufacturing. With the request of automative sector (Tofaş-Opar), ever since 1985 to 1994, it has served as a sub-industry for automative sector. Between the years 1978-1991, it continued its operations at Kartal Maltepe. Ever since the year of 1988, it moved to its own building in Kurtköy and continued its operations. As Doğa Makine İth. İhr. San. Tic. Ltd. Şti., it serves as a sub-industry to our country industry in the sector of machine cutting companies in Istanbul-Kurtköy. With its group company Doğruyol Makina, it continues to serve in sales and marketing. From the year of 1978, it has done solution partnership successfully as sub-industry for large industry organizations in our country as we continue to meet the requests of other industry companies, continuing our manufacturing.

-What kind of products for which sectors are you focused on in manufacturing?

Main operating subjects are to process rolling mill rings, manufacturing of pin bushings and roller rings (pulley,disk) allocation, manufacturing and processing for casting, automotive and energy sector companies according to their requests. We also give machine cutting services to casting firms as casting turning and processing.

-Can you talk about the counters and their properties that you use on manufacturing to us ?

Our company which follows the newly developed technologies got its first cnc counter in the year of 1989 and became one of the leaders in this sector. With 9 cnc machines that is on machine park and the experience that came over the years for extremely sensitive work, we can provide high quality, on-time, impeccable customer satisfaction with our services to our valuable customers. With our latest investments, we can now do sensitive turning up to Ø1050mm.

-Product quality is also dependent on machine quality as much as engineering and workmanship. Do you agree to this?

Engineering, workmanship and counter are essential for a work. However, when you mix this with experience, true quality shows itself. It carries a great place of importance in the quality of the work that will be conducted with the machine park. No matter how good your machines are, if it’s not suitable for the work that you will do, this will decrease your competitiveness. For this reasons, of course machines are important but work that is suitable for machines is even more important. As Doğa Makine, from the year of 1978, we have been giving service with our information, accretion and experience in the field of machine cutting and continue to do so.

-Do you do mass contract manufacturing and order based boutique manufacturing? Would you share some of your references in this subject with us ?

We do mass contract production with or without material and boutique manufacturing work. We have been giving service as a good subsidiary industry to large casting companies in our industry in Turkey for years.

-What do you think about the importance, development in our country and the future of Automative, Aeronautics and Defense Industry in our country?

Our country’s industry have been putting effort into creating its own brand on those named sectors for years. We are witnessing some new products in Aeronautics and Defense Industry until current time. I believe these to be a period of transition and these industries to be in an incubation period. I believe, in near future these efforts will bear fruit and new Turkish brands will be known as reliable throughout the world. This will also contribute to Turkish industry by having voice throughout the world.

-Do you do direct or indirect export? Can you do manufacturing especially at the quality and standards that European countries are looking for?

Indirectly, almost %80 of our products go outside the country. Our products oversees the needs of primary European countries such as Germany, Austria, Belgium, Italy, France and England.

-Quality of the material that is used on production also carries a great importance. Where do you acquire the steel with the quality you desire in Turkey?

In general, we do casting processing. According to the need, there are also certain companies that we have been purchasing steel, working together for years.

-What do you think about the competitiveness in the market? Do you believe if there is a fair competitive environment in the sector?

Competitiveness in the market increases daily. Now, companies now earn profit by doing work in a short time in our day. This helps companies that follow the current technology to be one step ahead all the time.

-Would you share the projects that you are planning to bring life in short and long term?

In short term, we are planning to build a new factor to see our needs since the factory space that we are located at no longer is sufficient for our needs. In long term, we are planning to release a product with the name DOGAMAK which we obtained the trademark registration.

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