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In our factory in İstanbul-Kurtköy, our company serves all the cities of Turkey with contract production, series production, contract manufacturing and series manufacturing. In our machine park,vertical turning machines, cnc vertical processing center ve horizontal turning machines  with various counters, devices and equipment for metal cutting manufacturing.

As for manufacturing processes after casting; amongst the firms that do machine cutting after casting related to casting metal cutting, casting finishing, casting turning, casting milling and casting machine cutting, our company that gives service all around Turkey reflects its experience to its quality on this subject.

Ring, rolling pill, pin, bushing, pulleys, rollers, forming mill, roller ring, roll ring, disk, mil, piston, wire tubing rings, nipple, padding, stem, special pressure plates, connectors, heavy industry subsidiary parts, auto auxiliary parts, etc in compliance with the given technical drawing, we do CONTRACT MASS MACHINE CUTTING MANUFACTURING

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Turning process up to Ø1050mm and height of 900mm can be manufactured. This processes are, roughly turning, height turning, vertical turning, finish turning, processing figures, grooving, grinding, pole driving etc processes can be done. As CAD/CAM software, we use EDGECAM.



(X) 1020mm (Y) 500mm (Z) 610mm all types of milling work can be done if between these measurements. These work are internal wedge opening, external wedge opening, opening a wedge channel, interpolation method, piercing a hole and opening it, opening plates, opening counterbores etc are the work that is done here.

kalite kontrol

Quality Control

Every product that is being processed or manufactured on our company is shipped goes through a final control while processing, after processed. For these processes, quality control equipment similar to micrometer, passometer, compass etc are calibrated with specified periods and their accuracy is kept up to date for precise, controlled machine cutting manufacturing.

Rolling Mill Manufacturing and Processing

For rings that are used as hot and cold pulling rolling mill, all process for them to be done until the diameter of 1050mm after casting. If we put these in an order as operations; Peeling, figuring, reaching finishing measurements, piercing, screw-cutting, internal and external wedge opening operations. Annual ring processing capacity is 200 items/month with different diameters.

Pin Bushing Manufacturing

In classified castings, in manufacturing used centering pins and bushes from the year of 1978, being the lead organization in the industry in manufacturing centering pins and bushings, will oversee all your future needs whether its round or oval in high sensitivity and quality, non-stop in this subject. Manufacturing is done according to the required technical drawing.

Casting Engraving

Manufacturing with metal cutting for all types of casting materials in our company (cast iron, nodular cast iron, steel, non-rusting aluminium) is being done. In our current cnc counters, we can do engraving up to Ø1050mm and length 1000mm with precise measurements. As a sub-industry for casting companies, we also give cut manufacturing service.