Pin Bushing Production oval and round pin bushing

Pin Bushing Production
Sensitive centering and rated pin pushing manufacturing

Pin and Bushing, our company who is the leading organization in Turkey with centering pin and bushes that are used on rated castings is with you with its information, accretion and experience with all your needs that comes with technical drawings you provide.

Pin and bushings, especially in casting sector, used in centered casting. Casts need to merge together in a sensitive manner and this effects the quality of the products that will come out of it. Heat treating quality and materials that are determined in the technical drawing carry a great importance for this reason, we dont suggest false heat treating process and equivalent materials in this subject.

Moreover, engraving sensitivities affect the longevity of pin bushings. Pin bushings that are engraved within wrong tolerances corrode quickly, which increases the expenses. Our company does the manufacturing of pin bushings for leading organizations of the casting sector within Turkey successfully for years and continue to do so.

Ø20mm ve üzerinde pim ve burçlar teknik resim ölçülerinize göre imalatı yapılmaktadır

Mold Centering

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